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Anticipating the pain of opiate withdrawal is the main reason opiate addicts never get clean. With our cutting edge buprenorphine detox method you can be assured that you will have very few symptoms and be able to return to normal sleep patterns and life activities in the shortest time possible.

Support Systems is leading the pack with our cutting edge opiate detoxification programs utiilizing buprenorphine (subutex ®, suboxone®) to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate agonist medication that has recently been approved by the FDA for treatment of opiate addiction. It enables us to offer a detoxification protocol for heroin addiction, methadone, oxycontin (oxycodone), vicodin (hydrocodone), percocet and other similar narcotics which greatly minimizes the discomfort normally associated with detoxing from these highly addictive substances.

Subutex offers those dependent on narcotic pain killers, heroin and other opiates hope for the first time. Our program, unlike methadone clinics and outpatient maintenance programs, offers addicts a chance at becoming drug free with little or none of the pain associated with "kicking" opiates and without having to check in for your "daily dose". We administer our program in a safe and caring environment that is medically supervised by our chief Addictionologist and Nursing Staff. Most people are able to complete the withdrawal in less than two weeks! Our Subutex detox is just part a complete treatment plan that includes behavioral therapy, group counseling, and individual counseling. This is to ensure that you get it right the first time without having to rely on a "maintenance" therapy to handle your addiction.

Opioid Addiction Therapy with Subutex

Ideal candidates for opioid addiction treatment with Subutex are individuals who have been objectively diagnosed with an opioid addiction (heroin or prescription opiates or pain killiers including vicodin, demerol, oxycodone and oxycontin), are willing to follow safety precautions for treatment, can be expected to comply with the treatment, have no contraindications to buprenorphine therapy, and who agree to buprenorphine treatment after a review of treatment options.

Support Systems Homes, Inc. does not recommend or prescribe outpatient Subutex therapy for it's clients and conducts buprenorphine therapy on an inpatient basis only. The goal of our program is abstinence from drugs. We do not conduct maintenance scheduling of Subutex or methadone. Our Subutex protocol is a ten to fourteen day period of withdrawal in which you experience little or greatly reduced detox symptoms. The specific and ultimate goal is that you are able to withdrawal from opiates pain-free and are able to begin a life free from drugs in our safe and comfortable detox center. Each client accepted for our inpatient buprenorphine therapy program will go through three phases of Subutex withdrawal therapy. These are described below:

Induction Phase

The induction phase is the medically monitored startup of buprenorphine therapy. Subutex for induction therapy is administered when an opioid-dependent individual has abstained from using opioids for 12–24 hours and is in the early stages of opioid withdrawal. If the patient is not in the early stages of withdrawal, i.e., if he or she has other opioids in the bloodstream, then the buprenorphine dose could precipitate acute withdrawal.

Stabilization Phase

The stabilization phase has begun when the patient no longer has cravings, and is experiencing few or no withdrawal symptoms. The Subutex dose may need to be adjusted during the stabilization phase.

Withdrawal Phase

The withdrawal phase is reached when the patient is doing well on a steady dose of buprenorphine (Subutex). Once the patient shows no sign of opiate withdrawal, the patient is the titrated (stepped-down) from the buprenorphine therapy, until they are drug-free. This phase replaces what was once named "detoxification".

Support Systems Homes is a participant in various major health insurance plans and will work with special needs cases on the basis of availability. To find out more contact us today, toll free nationwide @ (800) 811-1800.

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