Drug Rehab

Early Release and Court Liaison for Drug and Alcohol Offenders

"Drug cases have transformed the work of the courts, particularly the state's misdemeanor courts, and particularly those in the state's largest cities. In the face of swollen, drug-heavy dockets, judges in such courts can often spend only minutes per case, as they are forced to focus most on the speed of their dispositions. Such dispositions, however, can at times have little effect, as the same drug offenders are arrested again and again. Apart from the practical difficulties created by this volume of cases, the financial cost of adjudicating them has been extraordinary over the years. "

Confronting the Cycle of Addiction & Recidivism:
A Report to Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye
by the New York State Commission on Drugs and the Courts

In most cases where an individual is confronted with legal ramifications for their drug use, voluntary or court ordered substance abuse treatment is recommended and mandated by the courts. At Support Systems Homes we offer a smooth transition from the court room to treatment, offering assessment and even fair recommendations to the court where applicable. With a long standing history with many California courts, Support Systems Homes is often the last bastion of support before one faces sentencing to a penitentiary or county jail.

Support Systems Homes is a participant in various major health insurance plans and will work with special needs cases on the basis of availability. To find out more contact us today, toll free nationwide @ (800) 811-1800.

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